The Disappearing Picnic Table

On March 19th I took a picnic table to the woods and carried it in to a location we had previously decided upon, out of sight of the road and the right of way. We used it a few times and it was still there on April 27th. On May 12th we went to do some work and the table was gone. My mother couldn’t believe that someone would have gone to the trouble of stealing it but unless the badgers have carried it off to their underground banqueting hall that is what must have happened. When I originally got the table a couple of years ago its legs had been sawn off, so it is fairly distinctive in that it has new legs which are a lighter colour than the rest of the table. When I installed it I did think about chaining it to something or bolting it down but it seemed like a lot of effort and it wouldn’t have stopped a determined thief so I didn’t bother. Here is a photo of the table taken when I first installed it.

Picnic Table

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